We congratulate you on all the New Year holidays! May this year become the year of Human. The results of last year and current tendencies show that we have done a good job to maintain peace on the Earth. However, we still have to make our best efforts for social development in the future.

The last year was very difficult for all countries and nations. The struggle of different opinions on the ways of human development has intensified. Some groups believe that it is necessary to create areas of tension to rule, while others think that the peaceful development of different civilizations is possible. Modern technological innovations only strengthen the contradictions between the adherents of the idea of “checks and balances” and between the supporters of the idea of “fair and equitable creative development”.

We are trying really hard to find answers to complicated questions, on which great minds reflected and continue to reflect. What is a fair and healthy society? What are the criteria of humanity? How can we cure social diseases? How can we create a harmonious society? And there are many others…

Of course, we have not found answers to all questions on 100 % yet, but we are on the way. J And we invite everyone to this difficult, but interesting and useful occupation. By the way, let’s describe where we are now, recalling the events of the past year 2019. Of course, we will not write about all the world’s problems, but we will comment on those, which we have been following very closely.

In America, there is a confrontation between different clans, almost a civil war between different elites. Unfortunately, this war is very similar to the war between the New Aristocracy (financial capitalism) and the industrial-oriented bourgeoisie (industrial-financial capital). Slavery and colonial politics are acceptable to both. The voice of those, who would like to build a fair society or at least take advantage of the current situation of confrontation between the financial-oligarchic elites in their own interests, is very weak. Either there is not enough understanding, or they just don’t have any interests opposed to the colonial policy of the financial oligarchy. America’s debt is growing; the economy is on the verge of collapse. That is why the elite, have long departed from the common people, is trying to draw other countries into a big conflict in order to solve their internal problems. So, for example, a few weeks ago, Trump signed a bill that would finance protesters in Hong Kong and would increase Taiwan’s combat effectiveness passing over Beijing. In general, it is worth noting that China showed wisdom and did not succumb to provocations, thereby probably preventing a world war. However, the attempts to involve China into the conflict will grow, since the US economy is very tightly intertwined with the Chinese economy, and the Chinese leadership simply does not have a simple way out of this situation.

The situation is really complicated. Today, China’s economy is integrated into the USA at about 40%. In the late 80s and early 90s, China practically saved the American economy from the collapse, providing the USA with cheap labor. This help was a minus for the Soviet Union, as American intelligence agencies actively contributed to its collapse. As a result, Western capitalists stole the resources of the defeated red giant, and now China walks on a thin political ice, entering into an alliance with the capitalists. Of course, we must honestly say that it was not external forces, but the leadership of the USSR that played a special role in the collapse of the Soviet Union. China, when left alone, without the help of the USSR, was forced to some extent to seek rapprochement with the West, which should also be attributed rather to the mistakes in strategic planning of the leadership of the USSR.

At present, in spite of economic prosperity of China, as in other countries, there is a confrontation between those who advocate peaceful development and those who want to enrich themselves in the war. The negative tendency is that China is copying America in many respects today, trying to pursue its foreign policy and actively using financial leverage to attract the leadership of the countries of the region to its side. However, such investments in Africa and Australia will not be justified, as far as they cannot become strategic allies, since they have been colonies of the West for several centuries and they will easily submit to whoever pays the most. It is well-known that slave thinking cannot quickly fade away.

Unfortunately, in this situation, Russia has taken the position of an observer, thinking that it can watch from afar who will win. This indicates that modern Russian authorities are rapidly losing their subjectivity at the international level. One of the indicators is that Putin criticizes Lenin, and it was mentioned in many media, while Xi Jinping says several times that the concept of Marxism-Leninism is the basis for understanding the development path of China. At the same time, the world oligarchy immobilized the Russian bourgeoisie, freezing the accounts of its representatives and imposing sanctions so that they remember their place of vassals.

In Israel, there is even more serious crisis, for example, the country’s leadership was re-elected three times over the past year. Israel’s economy worsened after Germany finished paying reparations. Therefore, the Israeli leadership came up with an incredible scenario to improve their financial situation by billed Arab countries at $ 250 billion. However, the number of claims decreased by 100 billion over the year, but … It is interesting to find out why they suddenly decided that they are a branch of the USA and they can simply seize funds from everyone they want. Has pragmatism been replaced by mysticism? Does mysticism become the most pragmatic means of taking other people’s finance, money and funds?

As for Latin America, “Brazilian Trump” came to power in Brazil. He threatened to set up an American military base in the country and come down Venezuela, which is too friendly to Russia. In fact, this means that Brazil is leaving the BRICS. Although we have repeatedly heard doubts about the work of the BRICS architecture itself. For example, influential representatives of India often said that they were not at all sure of its effectiveness.

In fact, there is a civil war between those who support slavery and those who want to build a socially developed, harmonious society in different countries. However, there are many imitators and provocateurs among the so-called freedom fighters. Accordingly, it is necessary to strengthen the real fighters for a better future and deal with provocateurs. Then it will be possible to find adequate solutions and cope with the environmental crisis, poverty, human trafficking, drugs and other problems.

The world was already faced with the threat of destroying the human dignity in the last century, when fascism, possessing tremendous technological superiority and financial support, sought to enslave all countries. The hot war was stopped. However, it was only a temporary truce. The destructive idea of ​​fascism has not died. It immigrated to the countries of Latin America and the USA, where new technologies have been developed for many years to enslave humanity.

Fascism represents certain ideological principles. Today, many people do not call themselves fascists, but they act consciously or unconsciously in the logic of this ideology. So, at present there is a real threat of digital fascism. The war has moved into the information space. The goal of cyber war is to enslave human souls and intelligence. Now the enemy is not a separate country or a corporation, it is a destructive idea that, like a virus, infects society.

Our task is not only to learn to identify threats, but also to respond together with dignity to information aggression, to form a constructive agenda around the world. Together we can sow something rational, good, eternal, contribute to the society, cultivate the Human in ourselves and around us, maintain and enhance the best traditions, make discoveries and reach new heights in different areas.

We, people of different professions, need to take responsibility for the life of our city, our country, our planet. We need to unite in associations and unions and set guidelines for development. We must formulate the ideology of a healthy and fair society, respond to the needs of the population in an accessible and simple way and shape public opinion. We can openly declare the problems that have accumulated in society and look for ways to solve them. We can work in different formats. One of the important things for us is to create constructive content and share it on the Internet. And this is what we are already doing, we will continue to do and we invite everyone who is interested in the preservation and development of humanity to common work!

Dear friends, in the coming year we wish everyone sanity, wisdom, patience and peace!

Team of Center SI