The book «War and Peace» by Leo Tolstoy is widely known all over the world. The title of this article was chosen for a reason. Today “Israel” has become identified with “war”, since it has had a militantly offensive policy for a long time. The so-called «policy of conducting a preventive war» has firmly entered the usual way of life of Israel so that it has become an integral part of the architecture of the state. Politicians and parties can rotate among themselves but the ongoing logic in life does not change. Unfortunately, most modern politicians are becoming hostages of this doctrine. They do not have their clear position and sincere desire to improve the life of the state; they are usually driven by a thirst for a quick profit for themselves and for their many relatives. Moreover, they are not able to assess the origins of a trend, to predict and pre-empt its consequences. They play a certain role within predetermined corridor and are ready to shout out various slogans in order to distinguish themselves from a competitor and attract more electorate to their side.

Why are we talking about this right now? On March 2, 2020, the third parliamentary elections of the year will be held for the first time in the history of Israeli [1]. The architecture of the state involving the conduct of a permanent war is extremely dangerous, but is doubly dangerous in a state of uncertainty and struggling for power. The authorities are becoming blind and they are able to trigger not only a regional, but also a global one, just for fun, not caring about the consequences, in order to solve their internal problems.

It is worth noting that the struggle for power and its retention is carried out under the motto of “protection against an external threat”, that should justify the policy of expansion in order to seize resources and territories in the eyes of an ordinary Israeli citizen. Therefore, the population of the country is kept in constant tension, by means of classical cultural standard, that is the cult of the “victim” cultivated for centuries: “we, the population of Israel, are the oppressed nation and everyone offends us.”

The ruler, as the personification of the savior, fulfills the sacred duty of protecting Israel using the classical method of attacking an «aggressor». Thus, the leader justifies his right to power and commitment to the militant policy. Moreover, the threat itself represented by the spy ring of Arab radicals and moderate politicians in the territory of Arab countries, is usually man-made, well-paid and controlled. In this sense, it becomes clear why Yossi Cohen, the head of Israeli foreign intelligence Mossad, directly reporting to the Prime Minister, personally cares that the Qatar leadership provides financial support to the so-called «civilian projects» in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip in time, which, in fact, meaning that it finances the Hamas militants [2].

The shelling of Gaza and the defense of Israel is a working mechanism that is actively used now on the eve of the elections. As Avigdor Lieberman, leader of “Israel Our Home” Party said: “Both Egypt and Qatar are angry with Hamas and planned to break ties with them. Suddenly Netanyahu appears as a defender of Hamas, as thought it was an environmental organization” [3].

The head of the Israeli foreign intelligence service «Mossad» Yossi Cohen (Photo: Reuters, Amir Cohen)

Of course, with elections approaching, a more serious reason is needed. However, the provocation with the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani did not give the expected results [4]. After a failed gamble, when many political forces in both Asia and Europe refused to maintain a course toward war, Israel was left alone without the usual support from the American military. Moreover, the situation is complicated by the fact that American politics is directly opposed to Israeli one and now it boils down to lobbying for the peace initiatives by Jared Kushner, the American businessman and spouse of Donald Trump’s daughter.

Jared Kushner, author of the US Plan for a middle East settlement («The Deal of the century»)

No matter how controversial the “deal of the century” may be, we must pay tribute to it [5]. It is Kushner’s initiative that today acts as a deterrent to avoid a big war on the eve of the election. Under these conditions, Israel cannot unleash a conflict and use it as the most effective election move. As far as in this case, Israel will obviously look like an aggressor and will not be able to speculate saying that “it has become a victim of the aggression of the Arab countries and everyone has to help it”.

The “deal of the century» is fundamentally disadvantageous to the current leadership of Israel, since it implies a peaceful solution to the issue. This is confirmed by «The Washington Post», which replicate an interview with one of the leaders of Israeli settlers Elhayani regarding the requirement for Israel to dismantle illegal outposts on the West Bank that could potentially turn into new settlements. «Kushner took a knife and put it in Netanyahu’s back,» he told The Washington Post. «Kushner misled the prime minister, he misled everybody. He knew for a long time that Netanyahu wanted to declare sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea — he said it many times over the last year — gentlemen just don’t act this way.» [6].

The Washington Post acts as a voice of Zionism, because the leaders of the right-wing Parties, who head the key support block of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, have the same opinion. They also demanded that Netanyahu act in accordance with their long-standing goal — to annex all the settlements located in a third of the West Bank.

Before the election, Netanyahu was forced to maneuver and avoid the exact wording in order to please all interested parties, and thereby increase his electorate within Israel. All these are forced steps before the election. There is only one goal — to earn political bonuses. In words, he will strongly support even the «Deal of the Century.» However, in our opinion, now on the eve of the elections in Israel and the early elections in the US, Trump and Netanyahu are “friends”, but conflict and tension between them will inevitably arise. Just because these are two different camps, and their views on business and decision making issues are also fundamentally different. The Likud party, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, has historically been closely tied to Jewish capital in various countries that has been supporting Zionism for more than a hundred years. The current president of the United States is supported by several different circles of financial tycoons, who are not necessarily Orthodox followers of the Zionism ideas.

As you know, an active civil war between the elites of financial and financial and industrial capitals for the redistribution of spheres of influence has been going in the United States and all over the world, since Donald Trump came to power.

One cannot say that the Zionists claims to the world hegemony are included in the plans on a civil war between the elites of America. In fact, the American elites at least, don’t care about the Zionists, or even perceive them to be out of business or as «bargaining chip.»

In such circumstances, Netanyahu, deprived of a powerful military trump card, is forced to resort to other election tricks. A widely replicated case of releasing Naama Issachar, a citizen of Israel and the USA convicted in Russia for drug trafficking became such a PR move. Netanyahu personally came to Moscow, mainly not for discussing the «Deal of the Century» with Putin, but for returning the liberated Naama to her homeland. [7]. This story was earlier played on in details during the arrival of V.V. Putin to the international forum “Preserving the memory of the Holocaust and combating anti-Semitism” (Jerusalem, January 22-23, 2020), dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz and the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, celebrated on January 27 (on this day in 1945, Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz). On the day of Putins arrival to the Forum, the Israeli prime minister arranged the meeting between Yaffa Issachar, Naama’s mother, and the president of Russia [8].

We specially note and highlight in bold that no one would say that this is a conspiracy theory, but the name Asher Issachar accused in the list of witnesses for criminal charges against Netanyahu quite by chance [9]. And quite by accident, he is the uncle of that same Naama Issachar. And we are sure that those who see certain patterns in this coincident will not be able to accuse us of blaming someone. Unfortunately, we failed to verify this information in Israeli sources. If you think it is a fake – please do. We hope that we did not pay too much attention to this “unconfirmed factor”.

Traditionally the images of Moscow and “Putin — the Liberator” are used as the last saving argument. When they have a crisis and there are no other arguments, the mystical component of the “Russian Savior” can help. But in this case, probably, the question is in mathematics. And the math is as follows: 22% of the Israel population is Russian-speaking. And it is not surprising that before the third election of the year, the Likud Party made a special bet on working with this target audience. Netanyahu admitted that it was a mistake to work on the Lieberman field, uniting repatriates from the USSR in his party “Israel Our Home” and created the Russian-speaking headquarters of the Likud party. The old-timers of the Likud party say that attempts to create a “Russian-speaking wing” have been made for 20 years; unfortunately, all the previous ones were unsuccessful. However, they believe that this time everything will be different [10]. And now the Russian-speaking Israelis, members of the Likud Party, condemn the deputies and activists of the Lieberman Party “Israel Our Home» for using the policy of inciting and slandering the Israelis in their struggle for additional mandates» [11]. The principle is simple: only the same Russian-speaking people for whose rights the critic Lieberman advocates can criticize him.

Meeting of the Russian-speaking headquarters of «Likud» party

In his New Year’s greetings on the evening of December 31, 2019, Netanyahu emphasized the special role of Russian-speaking repatriates in the history and modern life of Israel. And during the pre-election meeting of Benjamin Netanyahu with Russian-speaking voters in the city of Bat Yam on February 18, 2020, the famous song “Katyusha” was played. In the words “let him save his native land”, the singer pointed to Netanyahu [12].

It should be noted that the results of the first two elections in Israel created a stalemate when none of the Parties was able to form a government with a decisive vote. The results of the re-election in September 2019 revealed an interesting point. Despite the active aggressive election campaign of the ruling Likud Party led by Netanyahu (posters throughout Israel such as: Netanyahu with Trump, Netanyahu with Putin; promises to take the land on the right bank of the Jordan River, etc.), they received 2 mandates fewer than the main rival, the Kahol-Lavan Party according to the results of the first calculations.

At the elections to the Moscow City Duma in September 2019, Israel had to resort to a vote recount in order to equalize the positions of the Party in power and the opposition by technical means and win the opportunity for Mr. Netanyahu to form the Government first. It clearly demonstrates that the population is dissatisfied with the state of affairs and votes for those who are “against”. Under these conditions the more active propaganda of the Party in power is, the greater the percentage of the usually “unused” electorate becomes active and joins the opposition.

«Likud» party posters during the party’s election campaign in September 2019

Therefore, this time the Likud Party announced a program that will help them to stay in power: they will look for “French”, “Ethiopians” and “Russians” with Arabs. The concept is called “200,000 votes” and involves targeted campaigns emphasizing the most relevant problems for these social groups and Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal meetings with potential voters [13].

At this moment, we don’t know what kind of meme to insert, something like “laughing to tears”, but it is not funny. It is interesting whether Israel will organize the investigations based on the example of the “Russian trace” in Israeli elections and Russian interference in the election campaign or, vice versa, Russia will receive compensation payments for attracting top officials of the Russian state to the election campaign in Israel. Of course, we don’t mind! Moreover, if it is for the benefit of the homeland and Russian statehood, let them earn a profit. Do you remember how Vladimir Vladimirovich once clearly told about the students participating in protests for a fee: “Let them earn a little”?

Being serious, there is the question why Vladimir Putin should help Benjamin Netanyahu to play the “Russian card”. Why does Vladimir Vladimirovich fly to Israel so often, and why do the leaders of Israel fly to meet the Russian leadership in Moscow?

Let’s suppose that Russia tries to protect its political interests. On the one hand, Russia and Israel play and mutually reinforce each other on the similar topics, such as the Holocaust, the Second World War and the role of Russia in it as a liberator. On the other hand, they try competently to go their separate ways. We are talking about Vladimir Putin’s appeal to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on January 15, 2020, where he announced the requirement to state a constitutional ban for officials on “critical posts” to have a foreign citizenship, a residence permit or any other document that allows them to live in the territory of another state. It concerns the heads of the subjects of the Federation, members of the Federation Council, the deputies of the State Duma, the Prime Minister and deputies, federal ministers, heads of other federal bodies as well as judges.

Annual Russian President’s address to the Federal Assembly

“The meaning, the mission of the public service is in serving. First of all, a person, who chooses this path, must decide himself that he connects his life with Russia, with our nation and, there is no other way for him,” Vladimir Putin explained [14].

It primarily concerns the relations between Russia and Israel. It is known that many Russian top officials have had Israeli citizenship since 1993. By the way, a divorce should go smoothly. As they say: “we might be very good friends, but our tobacco is of different brands”. Russia is forced to take such steps, since the country has enormous internal pressure because of the different goals of the power elite and the great gap between these goals and the aspirations of the people. And this situation has such an explosive potential that it can lead to a huge social catastrophe.

It is important to note that after the times of the Revisionist Zionism, nowadays the power in Israel is mostly represented by the orthodox Zionists. Even though largely being originated from the Russian Empire, Orthodox Zionism considered Russia as a colony of Israel and stated this opinion at International Zionist Congresses. Of course, it is not normal to accept such a situation from the position of the Russian authorities, if they have subjectness. According to public opinion, Russian people have no desire to see their homeland as a colony. Let’s quote the words of V.V. Putin from a speech in Munich in 2007: “Well, who will like it? Who will like it?”

The specificity of Zionism is that, in its essence, it involves expansion and capture, but it never declares it openly and therefore it always relies on others in its expansion, in simple terms, it acts with the help of third parties. But this is also its vulnerable weak side. That’s why there is no homogeneity within Zionism movement: someone believes that one needs to be more orthodox and radical; others believe that such aggressive measures are generally destructive and harmful.

Today’s danger is that Orthodox Zionists have come to power in Israel. The sources of the confrontation between the different approaches within the Zionist movement were founded a hundred years ago: Revisionist Zionist with its modern successor that is the Likud party and socialist Zionism with its adherent Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of the state of Israel. The winning Revisionist Zionism goes back to the ideas of Vladimir Jabotinsky (Ben-Gurion called him Vladimir Hitler) and consists in creating a Jewish state on both sides of the Jordan, refusing to consider the creation of a state of Palestine, in the priority of national interests (a state for Jews). At present the consequences of the implementation of this doctrine in the life of the country are aggressive settlement policies, the adoption of the racist law that Israel is a country of Jews, and the constant escalation of military conflicts.

However, now it is not even so important who will win the elections in Israel whether the orthodoxies of Zionism represented by the Likud Party or the moderate Zionists represented by the Kahol-Lavan Party. Both act in the logic of war that have been architecturally pre-programmed for years. Within the framework of this architecture there is no question whether a military conflict will be unleashed or not. In any case, it will be unleashed, the questions are what will be a pretext and who will start it. Perhaps, it will be in the Gaza Strip. By the way, one wonders why Lieberman tells state secrets about the trip of Israeli intelligence head Mossad Yosi Cohen to Qatar and Israeli support for Hamas agents so openly and without any punishment.

We believe that Avigdor Lieberman plays a role, that was entrusted to him. He just publishes important information that has already been uncovered by foreign publications. Surprisingly, since Donald Trump became the President, it was the United States, who refused to support Israel or to act as the third force (which was traditionally used by Israel as a lever for military escalation). Most likely the CIA reveals important information through European headquarters and publishers such as «Independent», «Al Jazeera» and other «independent» sources.

Maybe someone forgot or didn’t pay attention to such a little scandal that arose from the publication of information on behalf of Scott Bennett (a former US Army analyst on psychological adaptation and training of soldiers and an anti-terrorism analyst), about a terrorist attack in mosques in New Zealand in 2019. He undertook to clarify the event and practically stated that Israel had been involved in the terrorist attack to one degree or another:

“This, of course, could play an [important] role for the intelligence services of the Zionists and the Mossad, who benefit from the war between Muslims and the West and can use this renewed conflict to lay the foundation for the conflict against Iran, for the conquest of the Golan Heights by Israel, and for the new military Netanyahu’s attacks on Gaza and Syria; and also for the attack of Saudi Arabia on Yemen.” He also added: “It is convenient that shooting in New Zealand distract the world from other events. […] I believe that this event is a false flag one… so it seems to be a psychological operation designed to manipulate the public on the political agenda that is seems to be a Zionist operation” [15].

Until recently, perhaps, such words could be considered as an act of anti-Semitism, but it is impossible as far as these words belong to the American analyst who cannot be anti-Semite simply by the definition. It should be noted that within a few days of reading this article, most of the links on the above mentioned topic were removed from the Internet, may be, because of our active search queries. It shows a particular interest to this topic.

It is worth to pay attention to the constant leakage of information about the Israel participation in supporting the representatives of terrorist movements from different sides in one way or another. The question arose what this all is about.

Of course, one of the answers is the change and the war of elites in America! But there is something else that is not customary to speak openly about. There are some official and a number of unofficial mutually exclusive versions, special chats and documentary movies about it. A number of Americans convinced themselves and tried to convince the whole world that the events of September 11, 2001 were connected with the world terrorism, represented by “dirty and scary” people. It was reported that a miraculously unburned passport of one of them was found on the Pentagon’s ashes, while the aircraft engine completely melted. There are other investigations conducted by the same Americans and researchers from different countries, which suggest that the action itself was planned and shown like a television show. They clearly marked the Israeli trace such as the testimonies of firefighters about the traces of «termite» explosives, testimonies of those who insured these buildings, who took people and office equipment out of there a month before, etc.

As we said, not all the Americans are followers of the world Zionism and that’s why this formation is not acceptable for everyone. Moreover, today it is very difficult to conceal the «pig in a poke», even despite a government’s position that is considered by many researchers to be declarative one or designed to hide the true state of affairs [16].

We anticipate that someone will start to talk about the “conspiracy theory” [17]. Of course, we don’t believe in any conspiracy, but political conspiracy is a common thing that happens all the time. Let us explain for those who do not understand. In Russian the words «заговор» has several meanings. It means a complot, conspiracy and a magic formula. So there are magic formulas for love or health. There were ancient shamans who used magic words and now some Vedic practioners still might be rather effective professionals. But if we are talking about politics, there is no spell: if you could not come to an agreement or to conspire, then you go to the next re-election.

In this whole story the authors of the article are really interested in the question: “Is a scenario of peaceful development possible for the state of Israel?” For example, the Kahol-Lavan Party declares its goals to stop the payments to Hamas; as like as its willingness to peacefully negotiation with the Arab countries; separation from the Palestinians with the implementation of two basic conditions: the preservation of the state’s security interests and the guarantee of complete freedom for the Israel Defense Forces; amending the law about the Jewish character of the state giving equal rights to the Arab population in Israel. But what does it stand for? Is it a declaration or an action program?

Leaders of the political Alliance «Kahol-Laban» Beni Gantz and Yair Lapid celebrate the first results of the elections in September 2019

To go beyond the framework of military architecture, having been propagated by the extreme Zionists for years, and to stop the war scenario, the “blue-white” block (Kakhol-Lavan Party) will have the only one way that is to make some uncomfortable announcements on the essence of modern Zionism. Today the military architecture of Israel is based on omission; they make profits on defaults, tricks and ploys. The vital announcements include information regarding Israeli spy ring of extremists and provocateurs. No matter how paradoxical or strange it sounds, the IDF will have only the one way out to surrender or somehow to remove the Israeli agents, being their tool for conducting provocations, from the Arabs in Palestine and other states.

The implementation of this plan means the necessity to stand above the 100-year-old scenario. Only such steps may allow Israel to come to a peaceful development scenario. However, does Beni Ganz [18] or any other leader have enough political will, determination and strategic realism to take such fateful steps and, moreover, to implement them gradually and consistently? The peculiarity is that one has to make an agreement with the intelligence of Israel to achieve it. The arguments must be very seriously grounded in order to make the intelligence agency to surrender the spy ring positions that it has built over the years.

We are talking about the security of the region and the citizens of Israel, as much as the security of the whole world in general. Among those, we are interested in the fate of the Israel citizens, because their fate is closely intertwined with the fate of mankind. This is a serious, not an ordinary question. And if one reveals the militant scenario of the last century, it will be impossible for the businessmen of various kinds to earn on troubles and ignorance.

It is well known that the created image of Israel represents it as a place where people strive to live and work: the best education, the best medicine, the best services, the cultural life, nature, tourism, opportunities for professional and personal development and much more. Israel invites everyone. But what happens then? People are faced with the fact that in practice it is a large-scale advertising for attracting cheap labor force, and it does not correspond to the reality. People could not receive their social benefits for 20 years (the problem of returnees) [19]. This is also a significant part of omissions, tricks and ploys, leading to the accumulation of the internal tension in the country, that is destructive for the future of Israel.

At the same time, the issue of peaceful development of Israel is also significant because of its interterritorial character: Israel has a strong spy ring around the world, with the help of which it has been successfully conducting military operations in different countries starting from the 60s of the last century. The architecture of the radical Zionism can jokingly take down entire states and regimes, in order to get bonus and preferences. For instance, it concerns the «show», organized in 1993 in Russia near the Parliament building with the subsequent revelry and many other successfully carried out operations.

Israel can interfere with the politics of other countries, considering the World as a field of its interests on the principle of the same preventive war. The peculiarity and danger lies in the fact that the militant architecture of Zionism is closely connected with the mystical justification of the Jews exclusive right for such steps (Kabbalah is a religious-mystical, occult and esoteric current in Judaism that appeared in the XII century and became widespread in the XVI century). Worth recalling the interview of Michael Laitman [20], where he says it openly (and we must to pay a tribute for this):

— I speak from the point of the Kabbalah view; therefore, there is no Putin, Obama or any other political leader for me. It is said very simply that the hearts of all these leaders are in the hands of the Creator, that is they depend on the system of power governing the World. But it is the people of Israel who defines this system of power, this is not Obama or Putin.

— Do you mean that they are not power for you?, the question is from a TV presenter.

— For me they are the executors of our will. The whole world fulfills the order of the Israel people. If we unite, then we order a good “dance”, if not, then, unfortunately, bad. But, anyway, in both cases, free will exists only for us. I’m saying it from year to year [21].

The moving to a peaceful path for Israel’s development is possible only with an open departure from the mystical component and an explanation of meaning what is going on. Only in this case, it will not be possible to talk down initiatives with beautiful announcements mostly based on the mysticism. For example, one should not be led into the mysticism by saying that after the Kabbalistic ceremony of religious curse “Pulsa Denoura” [22] having been invoked to the Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (he advocated for a peaceful settlement), he was killed by the God’s retaliation. Provocateurs and extremists are trained by people, and they take the life of a person, not mystical rites that act as an informational cover of operation and a mystical justification of particular person’s goals.

All the people of Israel must take part in an open discussion about the peaceful development of Israel. It should be done without mysticism and without the opportunity to talk down and take everything into bureaucratic delights. We understand that according to the cultural and historical heritage of Israel the task is extremely difficult. However, the one, who wins the election today or in the coming years, will face this cultural heritage anyway.

P.S.: Specially for the intelligence agency of America, Russia, Israel and other countries, we draw attention to the fact that we are not trying to fight anyone. People who had openly shared information with us did not have any illegal intentions or negative impact goals. The only things we fight with are stupidity and ignorance. Our scientific and analytical research is aimed at finding ways of solving serious stale problems, and this article should be considered as help and assistance. We personally met the representatives of the Rockefeller clans, the scientists from Israeli universities, the Orthodox Zionists of Israel and Russia, and all of them without any exception agreed with the seriousness of the raised issues and the depth of our knowledge of the topic. Therefore, we sincerely call to consolidate the efforts for finding a solution to the scenarios leading to a dead end for everyone.

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